Ms. Marvel, #9: Generation Why, Part II

Ms. Marvel, #9: Generation Why, Part II - G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona I LOVED THIS ISSUE!!! I was basically this chick in the background the entire time I was reading it: description

Why did I love this issue so much? Medusa, Queen of the Fucking Inhumans, wrapped her glorious, prehensile mane of red hair around Kamala to protect her while teleporting EVEN THOUGH HER PREVIOUS CONTACT WITH KAMALA WAS JUST A PICTURE OF HER EATING A GYRO. Bruno sprinted and leaped over a damn cop to be near Kamala when she got hurt. Star Wars references. Kamala finally learned she was an Inhuman and left Attilan against Medusa's wishes, and her doctor didn't even stop her fully knowing Medusa and her glorious hair will kick his ass. People pointing out the sacrifices Kamala is making to beat the inventor, one which is probably even diminishing her powers, that she can't keep being so reckless and endangering herself. Kamala then being reckless and finding out something super important about the kids being used as the Inventor's stash. ALSO KAMALA HAS A STUFFED ANIMAL OF A WINGED TWO-TOED SLOTH IN HER ROOM AND I WANT ONE description