Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer When I was in college I read this partially out of morbid curiosity, and partially because at the time I was working retail and several customers would tell me "OMG YOU ARE JUST LIKE BELLA FROM TWILIGHT!!" so I wanted to see if this was a compliment. Basically, the only traits I share with Meyer's main character Bella Swan is that we are both pale white girls with brown hair and eyes, who are also hopeless at sports. That's it. That's also the entire characterization of Bella, which is odd considering she is THE MAIN CHARACTER, so she should have dimension. Perhaps Meyer did this intentionally, so that her (female) readers could place their own personalities on Bella and feel that they themselves are part of the story, but I severely doubt it since it seems that Meyer just threw a dart at her thesaurus when she could not think of an adjective to use instead of actually caring about the craft of her writing. Anyway, not only does Bella lack dimension, but she also never seems to do anything other than date an abusive vampire, Edward, despite him insisting that he is dangerous and will abuse her. So considering this, I have decided that those women back at that job must have been telling me that I look like Kristen Stewert, who actually has a personality and does things, or were insulting me.
Now the main reason I rated this one star was not because of the lack of characterization or terrible writing. This book is rated so low because I frankly had no interest in any of the characters or the plot, and boy did I try to care, but only finished out of the hope that somehow I would understand why so many people are completely enamored with this series that is essentially a glorification of an abusive relationship. I guess those people either don't understand that Edward constantly controlling Bella (which I have heard gets worse in the subsequent novels) and admitting that he wants to kill her is incredibly problematic, or they find the terribleness of it all amusing.