O Pioneers! - Willa Cather, Chris Kraus O Pioneers! is a novel that is more concerned with painting a portrait of pioneer life in Nebraska at the turn of the century rather than plot. However, this is no ordinary group of settlers Cather chooses to follow. Her main character, Alexandra Bergson, is chosen by her father on his deathbed to run their farm and household affairs in whatever manner she seems fit, to the dismay of her younger brothers Lou and Oscar. Alexandra proves herself to be a capable, intelligent businesswoman, who finds a way to make the land which did not want to be tamed a profitable empire and charming, close knit community. I also admired that Cather let her main character be unconcerned with marriage in a time when that was mostly the central thing in life that women of the time were groomed to sought after. When Alexandra does decide to marry, she is over forty years old, at a level of success when she can do as she pleases, and chooses to do so because she wants to, not because she feels it is what she is supposed to do. My problem with this novel is that it has a protagonist as revolutionary as Alexandra, but does not realize what a revolution she is.