Ms.Marvel Issue #2 by G. Willow Wilson

Ms Marvel #2 ANMN 2014 *Marvel Comics* - Marvel Comics

Absolutely fantastic writing and artwork, just as expected after a phenomenal first issue. Once again Wilson tackles multiple themes such as being a child of immigrants, growing up Muslim in a community with little understanding of Islam, and western beauty ideals by weaving them together forming Kamala's own tapestry of her identity. As if these weren't enough threads, Kamala finds herself with a new thread of emerged shape-shifting superpowers, which definitely aren't as fun or liberating as she imagined, and before she is finished processing this she has to decide if she should save the ignorant Zoe or let her drown. It is this decision which tells us readers exactly what kind of person Kamala is, even if she herself hasn't quite figured it out yet. 5 out of 5 stars.