Ms. Marvel #1

Ms. Marvel #1 - G. Willow Wilson,  Adrian Alphona This is the first chapter in Kamala Khan's journey to become the new Ms. Marvel, and G. Willow Wilson did an excellent job in laying the groundwork for this journey. Kamala and I are quite similar in that we are awkward girls with strict, religious parents of the Abrahamic persuasion (Muslim in her case, Christian in mine). The fight she had with her parents at the dinner table could have been torn from my own diary when I was sixteen, as I'm willing to bet is the case with most other readers. Besides being relatable, Kamala is just adorable. I loved the whole sequence where she hallucinated Captain Marvel appearing to her like a divine intervention, with Captain America and Iron Man tagging along in the background. At the end of issue #1 Kamala has yet to understand that she has powers or to meet the real Carol Danvers, and I cannot wait to see it unfold. 4.5 stars.